Most Popular Legends in Colorado

There are controversies about the legend of Colorado Hotel, some say it is not a legend but rather a true account of happenings in the hotel. At around 3:00 am the old and cranky lift of Hotel Colorado is known to move up and down all by itself. The hotel comes to life at about that time along with all the great people who used to sleep in it in the in its heydays. The likes of the ‘unsinkable’ Molly Brown, former presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William, Diamond Jack Alterie, the Verein brothers, among many others. Their ghosts flood the hallways and rooms keen not to bump into anyone. However, they do not seem to worry anyone knowing about their presence because they can be heard; just not seen. Their presence can be detected by a strong scent of expensive cigars, mouth-watering aroma of delicacies.


Not all the spirits are shy. According to the old staff of the hotel, there is a young girl in Victorian clothing who is often seen playing at random locations in the hotel. At around the same time the screams of chamber maid who was murdered in the hotel sometime back are heard. The lights go on and off while the doors and windows open and close at the spirits will. Being one of the favorite hang-outs of Walter Devereaux’s back in the time, the basement also served as a morgue. The old staff insist there is an active and strong spirit in the basement but no one seems to know who it belongs to. This spirit shower and even change T.V channels. It is said that they even arrange any clothes left hanging around after bedtime.


In an article, in 1982 the hotel was being renovated and new wallpapers were applied to room 551. In the next morning the wallpapers were found folded neatly and placed on the floor of the room. They repeated the exercise and obtained the same results.


The old Stanley Hotel is not without its fair share of tales. It is characterized by the resonances of departed prior guests, distraught children, and many other mysteries. Guest have reported strange activities like pillows flying around the room, murmurs, hangers clinking in the closets, scattered clothing found neatly folded in the morning among many other. The hotel is believed to be haunted by the spirits from the world beyond.


The legend has it that before the destruction of Ridge Home Asylum in the year 2004, the place was inhabited by daunting spirits of people who were mistreated in the facility. Screams and movements could be heard. It is said that it was not safe to be there because at times the spirits would be so agitated and get violent. This was marked as a tormented haven.


Thornton, ‘The Gates of Hell’, is said to harbor demonic spirits that possess people. This spirits are held responsible for the deaths of a family slain by the head of the family who was apparently possessed by these demons. He did not stop there he went ahead and burnt their mansion. The dark spirit is also held accountable for lynching of slaves on the same spot as well as many other gravely acts that have taken place in the area. As expected of such a place; visitors have reported unrest incidences such as distressed women wails, creaking, heavy breathing and moaning sounds in the area at night.


There are over 600 ‘ghost towns’ in Colorado several of which were known for mining. The famous ‘gold fever’ in the 18th century saw many towns born overnight. Most of these towns however died most of them ruined by devaluation of silver in 1893.


Victor, Lake City, Gold Hill as well as Colorado Forts are the only towns with mining activities that have remained up to date. These towns are said to have been established during the Indian wars of the old west and were later abandoned because they were no longer relevant.
They are called ‘ghost towns’ because they represent a shadowy semblance of their former self. They represent past glory. Mining is not the only activity that made these towns acquire the ‘ghost’ attribute; there is also the aspect of solitude in some of these towns as well as failed efforts to bring the towns back. Failed projects such as railway lines, resorts among others can be observed in these abandoned parts of the ‘wild west’ rich with history.