Ghost Hunting with the Best Recurve Bows



Have you been searching for the ideal addition for your unique ghost hunting needs, well an excellent suggestion for you t such a point in time would settle for the best equipment that is available out there on the consumer market. This is because ghost hunting is not the general hunting activity, and things might get eerie, thereby necessitating that you are well equipped with the conventional equipment such as EMF Meters, special cameras, night vision and many more others. Besides that, ghost hunting I regarded as the process of evaluating a given location for the existence of ghosts. In most cases, the ghost hunting team will attempt to collect evidence based on what they deem as paranormal activity and by using the various forms of technology that they have available. However, while these tools might work well for ghost hunting, one might also feel safer by owning a top-rated recurve bow that launch arrows at intense speeds.




Choose an excellent recurve bow


Perhaps one of the most valuable assets that you can own for your unique ghost hunting needs Is to invest some of the top rated recurve bows that are available out there on the consumer market. Simply put, you might use the internet to help you in making an informed decision for your unique hunting needs. For instance, and excellent suggestion for you at such a point in time would be to visit some of the popular online shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay, where you might come across a broad spectrum of consumer offers for your unique ghost hunting needs. Besides that, the internet is also packed with a wide range of buyers guides and customer reviews that you can use when choosing the recurve bow.


Practice using the bow


Before you can feel totally safe when ghost hunting with your recurve bow, it is highly important that you take the time to engage in target practicing. Since the bow is a valuable asset in your artillery when ghost hunting, you might start target practicing ahead of time. In this way, you are more than prepared to take down any threats to your life when hunting the given area for paranormal activity. The added benefit of owning a recurve bow is that it’s a legal weapon and makes your entire hunting regime a safe procedure as well.


Have sufficient artillery


Moreover, since one cannot be sure of the amount of threat that they are likely to come across, it’s also important that you have sufficient artillery required when taking down any threats against your life when engaging in ghost hunting activities. To be specific, ensure that you not only have an adequate number of supplementary arrows for taking down paranormal threats, but you should also ensure that you have additional repair tools such as wrenches and pliers that you may use in the rare case that the bow malfunctions. In this way, the overall safety feeling when hunting for ghosts and any other paranormal activity is at its highest levels thereby increasing the chances that you may come across something interesting to share with the rest of the world.


Have a positive mindset


Best of all, when taking on any task or activity in life not only ghost hunting, having a positive mindset always has its inherent benefits. To be specific, people that maintain the best possible outcomes in the minds and results in their minds are more than likely to come across what they are looking for each time. This is because the minds tend to adopt your current mindset about the current ongoing ghost hunting situation, thereby making your results more beneficial for sharing with the entire world. For this reason, when hunting for ghosts with your unique recurve bow, it’s highly important that you maintain a positive outlook in your mind to ensure the ideal results for your individual needs.


Finally, when all points are taken together, there is no space for poor decision making when it comes to hunting for paranormal activity such as ghosts. Equipping yourself with the appropriate tools always has its inherent benefits for your unique needs. Therefore, you can always improve your safety levels during ghost hunting by investing in some of the top rated recurve bows that are available on the consumer market. Visit this website, or click here if you are into hunting – paranormal or wild animal hunting, that is!

Most Popular Legends in Colorado

There are controversies about the legend of Colorado Hotel, some say it is not a legend but rather a true account of happenings in the hotel. At around 3:00 am the old and cranky lift of Hotel Colorado is known to move up and down all by itself. The hotel comes to life at about that time along with all the great people who used to sleep in it in the in its heydays. The likes of the ‘unsinkable’ Molly Brown, former presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William, Diamond Jack Alterie, the Verein brothers, among many others. Their ghosts flood the hallways and rooms keen not to bump into anyone. However, they do not seem to worry anyone knowing about their presence because they can be heard; just not seen. Their presence can be detected by a strong scent of expensive cigars, mouth-watering aroma of delicacies.


Not all the spirits are shy. According to the old staff of the hotel, there is a young girl in Victorian clothing who is often seen playing at random locations in the hotel. At around the same time the screams of chamber maid who was murdered in the hotel sometime back are heard. The lights go on and off while the doors and windows open and close at the spirits will. Being one of the favorite hang-outs of Walter Devereaux’s back in the time, the basement also served as a morgue. The old staff insist there is an active and strong spirit in the basement but no one seems to know who it belongs to. This spirit shower and even change T.V channels. It is said that they even arrange any clothes left hanging around after bedtime.


In an article, in 1982 the hotel was being renovated and new wallpapers were applied to room 551. In the next morning the wallpapers were found folded neatly and placed on the floor of the room. They repeated the exercise and obtained the same results.


The old Stanley Hotel is not without its fair share of tales. It is characterized by the resonances of departed prior guests, distraught children, and many other mysteries. Guest have reported strange activities like pillows flying around the room, murmurs, hangers clinking in the closets, scattered clothing found neatly folded in the morning among many other. The hotel is believed to be haunted by the spirits from the world beyond.


The legend has it that before the destruction of Ridge Home Asylum in the year 2004, the place was inhabited by daunting spirits of people who were mistreated in the facility. Screams and movements could be heard. It is said that it was not safe to be there because at times the spirits would be so agitated and get violent. This was marked as a tormented haven.


Thornton, ‘The Gates of Hell’, is said to harbor demonic spirits that possess people. This spirits are held responsible for the deaths of a family slain by the head of the family who was apparently possessed by these demons. He did not stop there he went ahead and burnt their mansion. The dark spirit is also held accountable for lynching of slaves on the same spot as well as many other gravely acts that have taken place in the area. As expected of such a place; visitors have reported unrest incidences such as distressed women wails, creaking, heavy breathing and moaning sounds in the area at night.


There are over 600 ‘ghost towns’ in Colorado several of which were known for mining. The famous ‘gold fever’ in the 18th century saw many towns born overnight. Most of these towns however died most of them ruined by devaluation of silver in 1893.


Victor, Lake City, Gold Hill as well as Colorado Forts are the only towns with mining activities that have remained up to date. These towns are said to have been established during the Indian wars of the old west and were later abandoned because they were no longer relevant.
They are called ‘ghost towns’ because they represent a shadowy semblance of their former self. They represent past glory. Mining is not the only activity that made these towns acquire the ‘ghost’ attribute; there is also the aspect of solitude in some of these towns as well as failed efforts to bring the towns back. Failed projects such as railway lines, resorts among others can be observed in these abandoned parts of the ‘wild west’ rich with history.

Best Places for a Paranormal Adventure in Colorado

Colorado: A History of Haunt Most of us know Colorado as the home to Rocky Mountain National Park, a state that exhibits the traits of both the desert and charming mountain towns. But Colorado is also home to many haunting buildings and places, where paranormal activity has been witnessed ever since the 1850’s, when settlers began to rush to its land on the whim and promise of plentiful gold or jobs building railroads.


Haunted Buildings, Towns, and Landmarks On the United State’s Centennial year, Colorado was officially inducted, making it the 38th, and bringing about the growth of its towns into cities. But before that, Colorado was part of the wild west, a place of outlaws, wars with Native Americans, and unruly characters. The state already had several inns, hotels, and brothels existing to offer travelers and ramblers alike a place of shelter, food, and even entertainment as they made their way to find great fortune, purchase land, or decide to settle down.


During this time of discovery, America, especially the middle and western states, were wild with both possibility and peril – gunslingers could shoot you for wronging them on a card game, rattlers could bite you, infecting you with a deadly venom, and with little to no hospitals around, many men and women often died. While the east coast may have paranormal activity dating back as early as the 1600’s, the ghosts and hauntings of Colorado provide a particular and captivating charisma that keeps tourists scared, yet interested.


Timberline Lodge & The Stanley Hotel This fascination with the paranormal found its home in Colorado through cinematic history, with the Timberline Lodge in Fraser, Colorado. For anyone not familiar, the Timberline Lodge Hotel was the scouted site for the actualization of the Stephen King classic, The Shining, which was released in 1980. Although, none of the interior of the hotel was captured (director, Kubrick, and film crew had a soundstage built in London for all of the film’s interior shots), there are four to five shots of Timberline’s exterior in the film, depicting it as King’s infamous site for evil, which in the novel is called The Overlook Hotel. Although, staff of Timberline assure there are no ghostly apparitions, such as a pair of twins, and definitely no occurrences quite as strange as depicted in the film in real life, many tourists frequently mention the film during their stay. In 1997, a TV film series of The Shining was created, which was filmed at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park and offers Halloween-themed activities during October, such as a ghost tour of the historic hotel.


Molly Brown House in Denver Molly Brown gained national fame when she survived the tragic sinking of The Titanic. She settled in Denver with her husband, J.J., where they became involved in the local charities and politics of the city. After their deaths, the home was used for several different objections: a boarding school for boys, and then girls, until the city of Denver purchased it and turned it into a museum in the memory of the kind-hearted heroine, Molly Brown. It was during the renovations and now operations of the museum that staff, as well as visitors, began to notice strange things. Often, the smell of pipe tobacco or cigar smoke is acknowledged, and yet no one is smoking. Many believe this is a paranormal occurrence, signifying the presence of J.J. Brown, who was an avid smoker. Other times, in the room of Molly’s daughter, Catherine Ellen, window fashionings are moved without the presence of wind or air. Considering the unfortunate end of Catherine Ellen’s life, who died young due to disease, many believe her ghost is still present.


Victor Hotel in Victor During the gold rush, Victor, Colorado experienced a flood of opportunists, and hotels made to be constructed to accommodate both the state’s guests and the economy. This four-story hotel in the town’s center was built in the image of the Victorians that were popular during the era. The town became a mining hub, a dangerous occupation for many men. But some of the dangers in life were not so obvious, particularly when a miner and guest at the Victor hotel, named, Eddie, made the mistake of not looking before stepping into the elevator. Unfortunately, that morning he should have taken the stairs, because the elevator rig was broken and instead of stepping on the floor of the elevator cab, he plummeted to his death. Guests at the hotel, still to this day, stay they can hear the heavy miner’s boots, as Eddie walks alongside them in the hallways. Some may turn, in attempt to find where the noise is occurring, but it either vanishes, or continues with no bodily appearance to match it. Other times, the elevator acts up. Could it be Eddie trying to entrap another to the death he so unwittingly chose?
St. Elmo Some towns in Colorado aren’t lucky enough to have just one haunted building in their midst, some have a population of ghosts, such is the case for St. Elmo, Colorado. St. Elmo is a ghost town, in every sense of the word. Since its decline from days of having a population, general store, post office, and hotel, the former place of interest, thanks to its near-by and plentiful mines as well as the booming railroad industry, St. Elmo has little to show for it all. Its previous progress was mostly owed to the Stark family, who settled St. Elmo, opening a hotel and general store, which were family-run by Anton and Annabelle Stark, and their three children. Annabelle was known to be rather frigid and very religious, often refusing to let her children socialize or do anything outside of their home, other than work. The slow depreciation of the town seemed to mirror the degradation of Annabelle, who in the 1950’s was sent to a mental institution after exhibiting odd, frightening behavior, such was walking around the town at night with a shotgun. Some say there were nights she went out with a bow instead of a shotgun. She eventually died, but the spirit of Annabelle is said to still roam St. Elmo, as if she’s still protecting its grounds, a gloomy apparition, deeply troubled by St. Elmo’s fall from its glory days.